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Apple’s iPhone 4 in white hands-on, kind of!

By: Jonathan S. Geller | Nov 17th, 2010 at 10:50AM
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Well, well, well. We finally got our white iPhone 4 fully working, and wanted to update our previous story, but we also figured some high resolution shots of the phone would be pretty tantalizing as well. After being sent a white front and back assembly from our ninjas at cnn.cn, we transplanted the stock black iPhone 4 with the newly received parts. We had some difficulty with the first front white LCD assembly we got, however, so we had to wait for a second one. The second fared better, though it still didn’t work properly — the proximity sensor wouldn’t work at all! We finally gave up until someone suggested we remove a bit of metallic foil covering the proximity sensor holes on the front of the device, and lo and behold, this fixed our issues. We’re now running a 95% stock white iPhone 4. Things we didn’t bother changing include the dock connector on the bottom of the device and the internal headset jack piece (both come in a light gray from Apple).

apple-iphone-4-white1 apple-iphone-4-white2 apple-iphone-4-white3 apple-iphone-4-white4

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