Minggu, 07 November 2010

iOS 4.2 gold master: new iPhone / iPad features preview [VIDEOS]

Now that the gold master of iOS 4.2 is available for registered developers to download, the rest of just have to sit tight and wait for Apple to release the public final iOS 4.2 version to download.

However, with all the neat features that were packed into iOS 4.2 it’s hard to sit tight, and some folks were even tempted into downloading the iOS 4.2 GM from warez sites despite warnings against doing it.

So this does not happen to you, iPhoneWorld.ca searched YouTube and located an excellent video overview / demonstration of iOS 4.2 gold master’s new features on the iPhone 4 made by OttoiPhoneTips (available below).

These new iOS 4.2 iPhone features are pretty cool too, and apart of earlier mentioned support for external MIDI devices, here’s some of the new stuff that’s awaiting your iPhone in iOS 4.2:

- New volume controls in multitasking bar
- Ability to print out pages from mobile Safari browser
- Ability to stream music from iPhone to AppleTV
- New icon for voice memos
- New “like” system in Youtube, allowing you to rate videos by selecting “thumbs up” and “thumbs down”.
- New iPhone SMS tones.
- Ability to assign particular SMS tones to particular contacts.
- Ability to select fonts for notes.app.

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