Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

Make Your Own iPhone App Without Coding Using AppMakr

Do you really want to make your own App? Is it difficult to make an iPhone app because of coding? May be you don't have a MacBook? Well, let me tell you that starting from today you can make your own iPhone app using a new service called AppMakr. Yes, no coding required. No programming necessary and it's just too easy.

AppMakr allows you to upload your own iPhone app and its icons, or you can choose from their selections but I don't recommend that.. You'll see. You’re also given the chance to upload your own splash screen and other images for the software.

You’ll need a $99 Apple developer account to build the app to your device and submit it to the App Store. If you’re worried about the money, just let AppMakr help you insert ads into your application, and you’ll make that hundred bucks back in no time.

Well, try it and let us know in the comment section below.

[AppMakr, Via iDB]

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