Senin, 09 Mei 2011

Apple Really Did Delay the White iPhone for a Reason

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All that talk of complications and difficulties building a white iPhone 4? Apple wasn't BSing. NYT's Nick Bilton compared the newly released pearly model to a first draft, bought directly from Apple's Chinese factory. The difference? The old one's grungy.

Yellow discoloration and fading is evident when compared to the white version now on shelves—so maybe Apple really did take the time to make a material that wouldn't look like a funky sock after a while. We'll still have to watch for the same kind of material suckening with the new crop of white iPhone 4s over time.

Other interesting adjustments: a new, deeply-recessed proximity sensor (as opposed to a dot grille), and a protruding camera lens, as opposed to the recessed make of the original version. Why? Possibly to shield the camera from a flash that was allegedly leaking light through the white shell (Engadget thinks not!). But who really knows.

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