Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

Top 10 Cydia Repositories of 2011

1.SiNfuL iPhone Repo Address: http://sinfuliphonerepo.com/

Famous Apps: AndroidLock, FaceBreak, Infinidock, Install0us, iRealSMS, MyWi, Multifl0w, YourTube, AppIconReOrder, Attachment Saver, AutoSilent, BiteSMS, Chronus, Full Preview, HapticPro, iBlacklist, iBlueNova, iFile and all famous emulators including GameBoy and NES emulator.

2.Hackulo.us Repo Address: http://cydia.hackulo.us/
Famous Apps: AppSync for iOS 4.0+, Installous 4 and krackulous

3.xSellize Repo Address: http://cydia.xsellize.com/
Famous Apps: CategoriesSB, CLASSified HD, Crimson HD, Cycorder, Cyntact, Element Mod, Elite PRO HD, ROMs and emulators etc

4.Insanelyi Repo Address: http://repo.insanelyi.com/
Famous Apps: Adelis HD, AndroidLock XT, AnyRing, App Switcher (Brightness, volume and rotator), AppSync for 3.1/3.2/4.0/4.1/4.2, AttachmentSaver, Auto3G and Barrel etc

5.iHacksRepo Address: http://ihacksrepo.com/
Famous Apps: FolderEnhancer, FoldersInFolders, FreeSync, FullScreen for Safari, Gingerbread HD, GPower Pro, Graviboard, GridTab for Safari, Infiniboard, Infinidock, Inifinifolders, Instant Mirror, Auto3G, Frash, FaceBreak, iClassic, iFile and YourTube HD etc

6.HackYouriPhone Address: http://repo.hackyouriphone.org/
Famous Apps: AndroidLock, App Switcher Brightness, AppSync, Auto Shutdown, Auto Silent, Backgrounder, Black'UPS Darkness HD, 3G Unrestrictor, CallClear, CallLock, CameraButtons, iFake, iSHSHit and LockInfo plugins.

7.BiteYourApple Address: http://repo.biteyourapple.net/
Famous Apps: Wifi Sync, Folder Enhancer, Frash Toggle, zToggle, Full Screen for Safari, Gridlock, Home Page in Safari, GroupSMS, Insomnia Pro and Inspell app etc

8.iPhoneCake Repo Address: http://cydia.iphonecake.com/
Famous Apps: Asphalt 5, FIFA '11,Street Fighter IV, Angry Birds, Safari Download Manager, GTA: Chinatown Wars, iSteamy, The Settlers, TVUPlayer, NFS Shift and many more.

9.YourCydiaRepo Address: http://yourcydiarepo.org/
Famous Apps: PwnTunes, MobileTerminal, SBRotator, biteSMS, Infiniboard, Infinidock, iSilent and many more.

10.P0dulo Address: http://p0dulo.com/
Famous Apps: Infinidock, Infiniboard


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