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Nine Important Things Apple Forgot To Fix In iOS 5

Almost all of us were happy by releasing iOS 5 as we found some new features and iOS notification center widgets like QuickComposer and other too many things, but with this release Apple forget about 9 things to fix and improve it, here's the list of the 9 things must to be fixed :

1- iPod Touch without headphones !

Well, it is a bad thing to not have a headphone for your iPod touch right ? as Apple blocked many iPod Touch and will not be able to run songs when headphones are connected, including the original Apple earphones.

2- Clock icon doesn't show 24 hour !!!

Yes that's right, the clock only will show 12 hours and Also because the clock does not show any reference time AM / PM.

3- Improve Contacts :

I don't know if you relized that or not, but most of contacts doesn't stored on your iPhone and it is very slow You also can not longer create a contact from the email in Mail.

4- Camera App :

Yeah the camera takes long time to open specially when you enable HDR and the app to take pictures must be significantly improved.
5- Streaming Videos :

that's also one of the most important things Apple forgot to do, many sites optimized for streaming video IOS, which works with version 4, with the beta 5, however, more often than not loaded.

6- The Picture frame doesn't work :

With this beta, the little button that lets you start your iPad a presentation screen unlocks the photos do not always work.

7- iTunes sync doesn't work :

ITunes Sync function, allowing you to sync the device even WiFi is not yet active.

8- Dissapearing of Wallpapers:

No more default wallpapers: iOS5 in beta, in fact, if you log on to the relevant section are not shown by default the backgrounds of its IOS.

9- Battery Life :

And the battery, definitely be improved: now, with the first beta, the duration is much lower compared to IOS 4.
Apple still must work to make perfect iPhone OS 5, but the time is because the only official release is expected in three months.

Well that's almost all the things that Apple must fix it fastly, if I missed something you can tell me at the comment section below.

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