Sabtu, 30 April 2011

webOS 3.0 optimizations make for smoother TouchPad swiping [video]

When HP unveiled the webOS 3.0-powered TouchPad back in February, we glossed overthe stuttering and jumpiness seen in their demos, as they said each time that this was preproduction hardware and software they were showing off. But with “summer” quickly approaching, the pressure is on for HP to craft an experience that makes the user forget about the chips behind the screen.

Thankfully, as several have noted in the forums, more recent TouchPad demos show a significantly faster and smoother interface (though one that hasn’t received the cosmetic updates we saw in the second beta emulator). Gone are the stuttering card transitions. Ridiculously smooth is the Armageddon Squadron II demo. Fast and snappy are the accelerometer rotations. In short, HP’s clearly put a lot of work into webOS 3.0 to ensure that it runs well on the TouchPad.

Don’t believe us? After the break are two videos. One shot on February 9th at Think Beyond, the other from just a few weeks ago at The Gadget Show Live 2011 in Birmingham, UK. What a difference two months makes.

HP TouchPad demo at Think Beyond, 9 February 2011

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